A prayer for my City Harvest friends

28 June 1 comment

Secular governments have no business judging whether an activity qualifies as a church “mission work” or not. What they do is identify and prosecute dishonest financial disclosure. FCBC’s leader is an entertainer, and any financial matters concerning his church and his entertainment career are openly reported. So the government has no issue with them. It’s that simple.

This matter is for those who profess to be Christians. A magic show is one thing. A music career like Sun Ho’s, embarked on and funded in God’s name, is another thing altogether.

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Searching for Gardens by the Bay

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Went on a little fun trip to seek out this latest attraction, turns out it only opens next week!


But caught this beautiful view of that half of the Dragonfly Bridge that was already open.

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Giant puffs at Biopolis!

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No camera tricks! Honest!

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My sunflower plant decided to sprout another sunflower… but it’s so mini-sized!!

19 June 1 comment
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Prometheus : "why was I created?"

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Caught Prometheus over the weekend. Haven’t seen a movie in quite a while. Lido is crowded even on a Friday at 3pm.Overall, the movie was a so-so sci-fi flick that runs against conventional Darwinism or The Big Bang.

With a very loose plot and vague story-line, and mediocre special effects and alien monsters, the only highlight for me was it’s attempts at fielding philosophical questions about the origin, existence, and purpose of human life.
The statements asked by the humanoid robot, David, seemed a tad bit depressing. For example, David asked why he was created by humans, to which one guy replied, “because we could.” David, very much like a human, asked how they would feel if after seeking out their “maker” they got the exact same answer.
“Why was I created?”
Have you asked yourself that? What would be an acceptable answer to you?
For Christians, the Westminster Shorter Catechism, distills from the Bible what we were created for:
Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him for ever.
Amen to that!
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Can a sunflower plant have 2 flowers?

I was very surprised to learn that a ‘sunflower’ is actually a mass of many mini flowerlets bounded by large coloured petal leaves, and they’re available in orange!

Anyway, the sunflower got attacked by a combination of aphids and lots of ants. For weeks I had been flicking the aphids off with a chopstick, but they kept coming back, and the ants multiplied in number! So i finally got a pesticide and killed them all! Very effective!

Another bud, which looks like the beginnings of another flower, has appeared midway up the stem. I thought each sunflower plant would have only one flower?

Would be interesting to see what appears 🙂

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Thanks-giving for the week

Thank God for the cool weather, after a spell of hot and humid days.

Thank God for small mercies, like easily-found parking spots and table places.

Thank God for family, loved ones, and brothers and sisters in Christ.

Thank God for mercies at work, including colleagues and bosses.

Thank God for His Spirit, which gives us understanding and peace.

Thank God for His Son, through whom we have eternal life and hope.

Just remembering to thank God today!

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