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Searching for Gardens by the Bay

23 June Leave a comment

Went on a little fun trip to seek out this latest attraction, turns out it only opens next week!


But caught this beautiful view of that half of the Dragonfly Bridge that was already open.

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Prometheus : "why was I created?"

18 June Leave a comment
Caught Prometheus over the weekend. Haven’t seen a movie in quite a while. Lido is crowded even on a Friday at 3pm.Overall, the movie was a so-so sci-fi flick that runs against conventional Darwinism or The Big Bang.

With a very loose plot and vague story-line, and mediocre special effects and alien monsters, the only highlight for me was it’s attempts at fielding philosophical questions about the origin, existence, and purpose of human life.
The statements asked by the humanoid robot, David, seemed a tad bit depressing. For example, David asked why he was created by humans, to which one guy replied, “because we could.” David, very much like a human, asked how they would feel if after seeking out their “maker” they got the exact same answer.
“Why was I created?”
Have you asked yourself that? What would be an acceptable answer to you?
For Christians, the Westminster Shorter Catechism, distills from the Bible what we were created for:
Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him for ever.
Amen to that!
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Confirmation of Daikin 3MKS50ESG 5kW Air Con system

Hi all, a quick update on items. Have confimed the Aircon system.

Daikin 3MKS50ESG / 3 X FTKS25

Quoted $3090 with standard copper piping, amarflex insulation and bigger water pipe. The Coolserve website had a special promo price of $2893.28 with standard installation. Daikin was also having a promotional 1-year additional warranty.

Decided to go with the contractor-recommended installer’s quote for the bigger pipe, and for smooth installation work (we integrated the copper work into 1 of the room designs, and he was very considerate to be very exact in the aircon location placements)

Daikin FTKS25

I’m extremely thankful to note that in the past 3 years I’ve never had to activate my aircon warranty, and I can never tell when I’ve been using the aircon more frequently when the electrical bill comes. Which is good as the weather has been getting hotter these days!

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