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Sex, threats and the promise of wealth are not ways to spread the “Christian” faith

I want to make it clear that Jesus Christ, who is the basis of faith for all who profess to be Christians, did NOT say that we should “convert” people and spread the gospel (which is that belief in him will bring eternal life after death) through ANY MEANS necessary.

I was highly disturbed when I read a quote by a City Harvest member, who expressed a line of thinking which I believe many of his fellows in his church agree with:

“The Crossover Project is one of our main projects. Sun Ho’s achievements in the entertainment industry is not an end unto itself, but a means. Because of what she has done in the entertainment industry, she has managed to get access to places that would otherwise be inaccessible to the Church.”

In the past, some colonial powers used the mission of spreading the gospel as an excuse to conquer lands, and make forced conversions. Now, we have the use of scantily-clad gyrating women who ‘attract’ people or ‘open doors’ for the gospel.

The use of guns and the threat of force, or the use of sex appeal, or the promise of wealth, are NOT ways of spreading belief in Jesus Christ, because these values are contrary to His very teachings, and to the gospel itself.

The Face of Christianity?

If you are concerned, please share about this and let your friends know!

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