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A prayer for my City Harvest friends

Secular governments have no business judging whether an activity qualifies as a church “mission work” or not. What they do is identify and prosecute dishonest financial disclosure. FCBC’s leader is an entertainer, and any financial matters concerning his church and his entertainment career are openly reported. So the government has no issue with them. It’s that simple.

This matter is for those who profess to be Christians. A magic show is one thing. A music career like Sun Ho’s, embarked on and funded in God’s name, is another thing altogether.

But ye, brethren, be not weary in well doing. And if any man obey not our word by this epistle, note that man, and have no company with him, that he may be ashamed. Yet count him not as an enemy, but admonish him as a brother (2 Thess 3:13-15)

I have been awake, as recent events about Kong Hee, Sun Ho, City Harvest Church, and the reactions by society and his followers alike have left me deeply troubled. Not because of any problem with the secular authorities investigating a church leader, but rather, the souls of those who are his followers.

I cannot understand how they can call the work of their leader’s wife an ‘outreach’ or a ‘mission work’. Once upon a time I ignored all these kinds of things and left them alone, as I felt it was not my business. But I no longer can.

For even the people of the world laugh and mock and say, so she is a work of this God to ‘attract’ believers, and they will fund her to the tune of $xx million.

I now have a God who ‘needs’ someone to dress scantily and engage in provocative behaviour for all the world to see in order to ‘win’ souls in His name. Just google her name, or check out the recent press coverage of her music career.

What’s more, this someone should be supported by tithes and offerings that are made in His name. The same tithes and offerings that supported the Apostles, and the Levite priests of the old covenant.

Surely a line has been crossed, and I am sure that followers of this man who are parents will not even show her music videos to their children, let alone encourge them to emulate her behaviour and say she is doing the work of God.

God’s Great Comission is to preach the gospel, but He is not so weak and puny that you have to use the world’s ways and standards to ‘attract’ people. Go and google “flirty fishing” and see what some people have done in the name of God. Likewise, humanitarian work, while commendable is not the chief means of winning souls, so please don’t say “I need to be a star and have star power and financial power, through any means necessary, so I can heal the world, in the name of Jesus”

I have never encountered the work of the deceiver so real, because I know some of this leader’s followers personally. I considered them fellow Christians, they are friends, ex-tuition students and so on, not some faceless entities that I refer to in general. I know these people by name.

And I grieve for them, as much as I grieve for God’s name, and for the souls of my unsaved parents.

I covet your prayers with me, that God will ensure justice in the trial, and use the secular powers He has set over us to cleanse His church that He will glorify His name.

I pray for those who are this man’s followers, that they will call a sin a sin and reject falsehood, and find God, in all His Majesty and Holiness. Doesn’t matter whether in this church or that, because I believe God isn’t concerned with “which church you went to”.

I pray for God’s peace, which is in spite of circumstances, that even while we are surrounded by falsehood, and the world’s derision, that He will, and has won the victory, in our Lord Jesus, who surely comes.

Glory be to God alone! Amen!

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  1. grace
    29 June at 5:19 pm

    This is not a simple Christian organisation, the way it operates has many aspects of a cult see http://www.howcultswork.com/

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