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Update: budget and list of items bought

GSS, pre-GSS, getting previous models at clearance prices.

Here’s the lowdown on our budget:

LG mini-bar fridge GR-051SSF $179

Tempur Deluxe 17cm Queen-sized $2499 +$50

Panasonic Plasma Full-HD 42″ THP-42S10S c/w $400 Choice vouchers $1799 +$30

LG Fridge GRM482YSQ (388litre nett capacity) $845 (with option to top up $27 to White colour, depending on kitchen interior design)

Electrolux EWF1495 8kg 1400rpm c/w $30 voucher $999 + $30

Toilet bowls / basins / bathroom / sinks accessories etc $2700 ($2500 paid)

Blanco sink c/w tap $482

Reno budget: As per Plan A $34,920 (deposit $10,000 paid)

What’s being carried over:
Standing Fan
Vacuum cleaner
Small 21″ LCD TV
PCs / Mac
DVD Player (?)

Paid so far: $19303


Balance to be paid = $200 + $24,920 = $25,120

Items yet to be purchased :

Dining Table
Chest of Drawers
Automatic Laundry Extender
Air Con
Ceiling Fans

Housewarming gifts ahoy! Hehheh, Haha

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  1. 2 August at 12:05 pm

    Heh heh. Housewarming gift only if you invite! =p

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