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God revealed to me

Attended BSF leaders’ meeting last night. Was feeling sickly, with a sore throat and feverish. I think I’m disobedient enough that I have to be sick to be reminded to turn back to Him. So I went back tw and slept at 10pm plus. The M1 mobile broadband is so terrible you can only use it at unearthly hours like 4am in the morning when everyone ELSE is asleep.

But yes, being much quieter than my already quiet usual self at class, God revealed something to me. It was not something I didn’t know – ie i had the head knowledge, but last night God impressed it upon my heart so profoundly, like a figment of His radiant glory that sears and pierces you when you let it in, that it was a clarion call to wake up and understand, appreciate, and fear Him.

We had been learning about the setting up of the tabernacle, the altar, table, lampstand, mercy seat, as well as the priestly and ritual ordinances required to worship at His sanctury on earth. How these were a shadow of things to come in our Lord Jesus Christ were obvious from church sunday bible class study of Hebrews – where Christ, on His blood and sacrifice, is shown to be our effective once-for-all mediator who reaches God’s very throne. And Christ offered Himself up in the actual heavenly places of which the tabernacle etc were mere copies of, copies that the Jewish priests guarded so jealously from Him.

Now the exposition of the rituals and ordinaces of worship impressed upon me – God’s presence was not to be taken lightly, especially by unworthy humans like ourselves.

God’s presence.

It was no joke, God’s perfect presence, and yet even from the times of the disobedient Israel fresh out of Egypt, God so desired to dwell among men. As it was back in the days of the garden of Eden. And as it is promised in Revelations when once again, in that New Heaven and New Earth, that eternal City of God, where God would once more dwell among men.

I’d always had a rather sad iteration of the Gospel. For me, when I explain it to others, I always start with sin. But I have failed to emphasize, even to myself, that its not just we need to get rid of sin from ourselves so that we avoid God’s judgement, but that God so desires it in order that He would once more dwell with us and be in His presence once again!

So that we may dwell in God’s presence once again.

Right now it is by the Holy Spirit indwelling whereby we are in His presence. When we pray. I need to take prayer much more seriously, and live more properly, because I am in His presence. Amen.


(this is my real writing style, long-winded, rambling, lots of embedded sentences, diversions etc. Feels good 🙂 because my job and my line of study has rendered me unable to write like that in a long time. But then, its harder for people to follow me when I write/speak like this.)

Did the canal route yesterday. 17m 26sec. Quite alright and on track.

Goodnight. And God Bless.

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