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Sometimes I wonder – it’s probably much easier to die for Christ than to live.

It was Saturday and we had some personal sharing after some lessons on Ecclesiastes.

The context was about Solomon, the purported writer of that Book. God told Solomon He would grant him anything he desired, and he asked for wisdom. Thus he was the wisest man under heaven ever. And with wisdom the recognition of the futility and sadness of this world.

So our teacher asked us – “If God would grant you one wish, what would you ask for?”

I asked to go straight to heaven and people looked at me like I was talking funny. Somehow there’s a sort of melancholy about the way I see life nowadays. What does it mean to be a sojourner on this earth? Is it possible to take joy and happiness in the things we have now? Can we honestly do that when we know everything will eventually come to nothing?

I’ve felt it before. When you get so attached to something that you throw everything else out the window… its dangerous what we fix our hearts on.

I want to keep my heart beyond the things of this world. The world is merely for getting by – by the grace of God. Can we boast any bit about our accomplishments, our achievements, our great legacies? It all comes to nothing. Nothing. Striving and labouring… in the end all comes to nothing.

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