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up early

(something’s weird with this new upgraded blogger on my PC. No matter how many times I click “remember me” after typing in my login details the cookie will somehow forget me the next time I try to logon to it again…)

Was trying to resolve the inability to logon my brother’s laptop onto the windows workgroup last night when I KOed in the aircon room on the bed… that must have been before 10pm but thank God I slept all the way and awoke at 5am… at least 7 hours of solid uninterrupted sleep amen!

Went for a jog to Red Swastika and halfway back… quite slow but okay I covered more distance than I did my previous round more than a week ago…

Had a New Year mahjong session at Jan’s place… combined with betty to win $1 after playing… 2 winds I think. Her hand is super lucky and we were actually quite up until the final round when we got killed by Sam. Somehow, the thrill is kinda reduced when you win and you gotta keep checking with others as to how much you’ve won… but that’s how lousy we are 😛

watched “Just Follow Law” at bishan GV after that with the same gang @ $6 per pax… initially I found it quite clique with the usual stuff like lame jokes, stereotypes, a softporn scene…. but hey… its supposed to be a fun movie and maybe I’m thinking too much. Fann Wong is really hilarious being a guy but I suppose Gurmit had the harder job of trying to be a “niang niang qiang”… but he was quite good as an ah-beng initially gotta give him credit and noone really remembers he’s not actually Chinese ? The product endorsement was way too obvious… just like the American Idol judges sipping fluids from their big “Coca-Cola” cups…

FYP’s moving very slowly… that’s what happens when you’re too dependent on too few sources… but on the printing side I’ve gotten some quotes so that’s not too bad. Ok there’s still hope! 🙂 *2-side saddle stitch gibberish blahblah etc*

Tested and proven – listening to Jay Chou while driving makes you drive faster lol

yesterday was Jay Chou on the way to simon’s place… and back… zipping through traffic and taking the curves without a flutter.

The new shocks are good although I should have specified new springs to go along with it… the old ones are just not progressive enough and still exhibit too much float for my liking. Maybe in the very distant future.

The suspension helped a lot with grip but reduced fuel consumption efficiency by a little because of a better contact patch.

Still getting used to the small spec tall sidewall tires – but I’m not willing to change the 13inch alloys already in place… so maybe at the next tyre change I’ll get the grippiest 13incher I can find 🙂 but the reduced rolling radius also helps fuel consumption

Manual is excellent for speed control around curves without resorting to braking and frees you to power exit heh. The moving off from stationary is still irritating though with the clutch linkage/warp? problem… but that’s still something quite distant in the future

The light weight does wonders for the acceleration which is very brisk due to little transmission loss and there’s hardly a need to step too hard on the gas because the 1.5litre engine has plenty of pulling power

Brakes-wise the stopping power is terrible especially since it’s so easy to speed in this car… can’t help going fast…! lol. Rotors which are quite grinded need to be changed when the pads wear out

I like my tinted windows 😛

Maybe I should send the car in for soundproofing also…

Btw, my car stereo sucks big-time … even a newly burnt CDR also can skip… sianz… but stereos are expensive to change… just have to live with it

Ok… back to InDesign

Seeya around!

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  1. 7 March at 5:53 pm

    oh cool! you use indesign, too? lol. it’s a pain. =( hahaha. the lecturer’s joke abt the men having to suffer was funny funny.take care!

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