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Unemployed life

Good. I no longer feel bad about not working this holidays. Been busy reading the 2-volume A History of Christianity by Latourette as well as Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales.

The latter book is a sort-of revisitation of my old JC arch enemy The Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale which I did for A-level literature. It was a great act of foolhardiness that I went for the exam without having actually finished reading the text itself – and no doubt this wanton insult to Chaucer cost me my A.

But nevertheless I’m enjoying it tremendously now. If only I had appreciated it half as much as I do now back then…

Grammar and sentence construction getting a bit twisty and stretched out are we?

Like all lit texts there’s a context of medieval Europe to be discovered in Chaucer. From their detailed astrology, fascination with the pagan Greek and Roman gods, the underlying theology and issues with the Christianity of their day… and so on. And all that soapy courtly love stories in between.

Btw, a great semi-final between Germany and Italy this morning. I watched from the 2nd half onwards. Nothing better than 2 evenly-matched sides, many close shaves and a SHOCKING 2 goal victory in the last 2 minutes of the post match 30min extra time period! Kudos!

God bless!

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