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Farewell my car

It’s official. The road tax is expired. Today is the day. Goodbye. Driving it to the Export Yard and taking the bus home…

Thank God for the 4 over years of enjoyment!

When we first got the car, it was over 2 years old and its mileage was 64000km. Today, its 7 years old and its mileage is about 189000km. It’s gone as far as KL. It’s gone as fast as 160km/h. It’s been in 1 major accident which took out its trunk. But thank God nobody ever died in it.

But numbers cannot express the fun I’ve had cornering in this car. Be it expressway curves, 90-degree junctions – the new suspension tackles it all. Body roll is still quite bad because I didn’t change the springs, and this car is after all front heavy, but the tyres never skid or slide. It has a very solid, rooted feeling at all times. Quite the other end of the world compared to those disgusting tip-toeing MPVs and SUV that almost topple over like vans and lorries.

It’s also the end of an era. This 3-box shape doesn’t appear much in new sedans anymore, neither do cars have such low bodylines nowadays as they grow taller, more bubbly and more rounded like overbloated goldfishes.

A 110bhp engine through a 4-speed auto pushing a 1040kg chassis is a reasonable power-to-weight ratio and fuel efficient too… yet it can provide a sufficient surge of power when the need arises too.

I’ve always liked its slim headlights at the front as well as the clean rearlamps configuration too.

From me and all those who’ve ever been in this car at one time or another – goodbye!

Thank God once again! 🙂

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  1. 29 May at 6:45 pm

    bye nissan!- song

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