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Nong Li Xin Nian

Happy Lunar New Year to all you folks! A good excuse to go around visiting people as usual…

Just sent the car for servicing…

Argh the right CV boot of my car has a layer of rubber gone and its spouting grease again… sucks… (1 CV joint=$135)

Brake rotors are worn out… sucks… (1 set of rotors = $70)

Let’s sit down and consider these after the holidays…

My brother’s school refuses to let him take Chinese B for the O levels although he’s been consistently getting E8…. dunno what want to save the school’s face or something… sucks….

Long holiday for me today from work but it seems they’re making LE test computers right now to see if they’re working and she has no idea how to do it… this internship thing is getting from bad to worse we’re doing practically admin and other irrelevant work all the time…

ARgh. Lord help us through this nonsense please!…

But nevertheless, thankfully we have a long holiday now. Kinda sleepy now cause I accompanied my mom to the market in the wee hours of the morning… Good night~

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