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and they lived happily ever after, we pray

1st post of the new year…

So how’s intern life in a ‘children’s mag’? getting used to it though I feel kinda cheated that there isn’t even a computer that can run any sort of design or editing software that is production standard… the editing is actually outsourced completely to India…

doing weird marketing stuff instead… it’s quite a small outfit where everyone sort of does everything… and the company is entering a new area to do with tuition centres… lots of saikang basically but its not that bad as our supervisor is trying her best to give us relevant things like poster design, interview… although the technical support and tools are still sorely lacking…

and we actually haven’t had the time to sit down and meet the boss to talk about what we’re really going to be doing that’s relevant to our field in school…

right now I’m kinda not very pleased with having to contend with quite a bit of marketing stuff and I’m supposed to take over somebody else’s job on tracking the response to some seminar event… oh well…

LE’s very disappointed too but I think we’d just have to do things bit by bit and fight to do the tasks that are relevant to our field… we need to convince the boss to take back more editorial control of the magazine… I’m planning to go through as many past issues of the mag to find grammar, design insufficiencies and other things.

The standard of English isn’t very good and in fact cumbersome at times. Must convince him such a standard doesn’t stand a chance against Little Red Dot and What’s Up? which are excellent Straits Times publications. Time to research on the competition…

Attended a church wedding on Saturday of Mervin my Sunday school teacher. Admittedly I had missed a lot of lessons in the later part of last year when they were doing Ephesians but I remember quite a bit of Daniel. It’s interesting to hear what gets said, what’s in the oath and we learnt a lot about the significance of the institution of marriage as an ordinance of God. The catered lunch reception was fantastic the chicken wings were excellent and there were brownies with Ice Cream… Mervin’s 29… and I’m already 24… *nooooo!*

More recently organized an A53 outing and guess what – Carol and Shawn tried to apply for a flat hahaha~ who would have guessed. It was unsuccessful but both of them are doing great and I really wish them the very best. Also, somebody in our group bought an OSIM U-Zap… HAHAAHAHAHHA

and the usual yadda about which gym is better and discussing workouts while we wolf down Ribs at Cartel… after that… a midnight supper at Simpang too…

… the girls from our batch are all working people and suddenly I feel so much older…..

Really have to put in effort to finish the worksheet before this Sunday’s bible class… Wing sure left us quite a bit of preparation to do… but I think it really helps how the class is closely related to sermon…

Till next post,

PS: Happy New Year.


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