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Joy to the world!

Thank God for Christ… the promise of freedom from bondage to sin fulfilled! Thank God for my baptism! Thank God for my Christian friends and family members whom God placed in my life!

Our Christmas sermon had an evangelistic-out-of-logic twist in it this time round – and I want YOU to consider the underlying message said – The Christian faith is either :

1) one big lie and that all of us Christians are believing in utter nonsense – salvation – Christ – God – and celebrating and proclaiming absolute foolishness all the time

2) the truth and thus for all who refuse to believe their damnation is just.

No halfways – your God is yours my God is mine what you believe to be true is true kinda Sophist reasoning…

There is no neutral ground. If you think its a halfway or here there not sure kind of thing then you just simply don’t believe – you are saying that the Christian faith is 1) one big lie…

I know its unlike some other kinds of faith where oh… there is a way… but this way isn’t the only way… kinda thing… so if you think another way is better for you then well and fine…

Because God isn’t a liar when He says He is the only true and living God…
Because God isn’t a liar when He speaks of the wrath and judgement waiting for us sinners after death…
Because God isn’t a liar when He says He will send a Messiah who will save us from damnation…
Because Christ isn’t a liar when He says that He is the fulfillment of this prophecy of salvation
Because Christ isn’t a liar when He says He is the bread of life… the only way…

Because God is not a liar, I can be assured He is who He is and will do all the things He says He will do… both in judgement and in wrath and in mercy and in wisdom…

Will you consider this absolute truth?

Wishing you folks a meaningful Christmas!

Btw, I’m really glad to have met up with Guoliang and Shirley who came to attend my baptism… look at them feasting below!
yes I did it on purpose heeheeheehee…btw Shirley is a full-time very ‘fierce’ Chinese teacher now hohoho! Just what the doctor ordered for recalcitrants like me…

let’s end off this post with another photo of other Christian friends who managed to make it yesterday too! Michelle, Shenzhi, Simon and Yongjie. Thanks for your prayers even those who couldn’t make it and enjoy your holidays!
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la…

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