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Dream job: tending the plants in the Garden of Eden

No, I did not take my car license plate off for some glamourous photoshoot. I was sending my brothers off to church camp that morning (as usual, the smallest one woke up late, middle one kept nagging, and all that last minute packing) and at the point of disembarkment somehow the smallest one managed to slam the boot so hard the number plate fell off. Apparently noone managed to tell me and I drove all the way home to prepare for work before my other brother messaged me about it.

This is the first time such a thing has happened – hope its not a precursor of more things falling off my car.

But happier stuff – I managed to go swimming today after the 2 pre-internship seminars! The sun was great but the pool rather crowded. Also, work’s been super busy but after driving the van quite a lot I finally drove the 14-foot lorry yesterday on a midnight run! Surprisingly its actually easier to park because its empty and exposed behind unlike the vans although I still have to get used to revving diesel engines harder unlike how I normally drive the petrol car…

Class 4 here I come! 🙂

Also had a nice time at Mich’s birthday function at ComCentre… nice lounge facilities with KTV too. CXY was like raving around like, drunk. Ok I’m exaggerating but still, she was kinda high.

Pondering working life

I wonder, how many people rush headlong into their careers and working life without ever stopping to think – what am I doing and why?

Through the pre-internship seminars we were drilled in stuff about networking, impressions, working hard, commitment, sincerity and so on. During the break I had the chance to lean at the side and just stare around at NTU’s beautiful scenery while finishing my sugarcane juice. Today was indeed a fantastic break from full-fledged worklife, and with the internship nearing and eventual rest-of-my-life work approaching, I thought to myself – I’m really going to miss the university lifestyle.

But work is God-ordained and we need to work to support ourselves.

But do we ‘become’ our jobs? What if our jobs consume our lives and we become something we ourselves don’t recognize? I would fail 100% in the networking game because I can’t befriend people on false pretexts with ulterior motives. I find polite small talk really meaningless. I don’t like to PR people and to be PRed. I just can’t see myself doing all that for networking’s sake because I’m not an open person.

Or is a job just a job that ends when you leave the workplace? Can there really be a separation between your worklife and ‘the rest of your life’ ? Should it always be our priority? What of the other more important things in this world?

Some people live to eat. Others live to work.

I pray to live for God, in all that I do. And He will surely see me through.


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