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Post-KL writings

The sea
The sea is just a place gone by in ships from yonder shores
Its body hides in deep recess foul creatures of ancient lore.
Perchance one day you lost your way and sank till ocean floor,
Take heart you’ll share your grave with Nemo and Neptune, forevermore.

What is time, but a prison of fallen man?
A cruel lady, unstoppable in her wretched hand?
A unit of measure, by which mountain turns to sand?
Indeed, but also the manner, by which God works His plan.

In Prose
Back from KL! 800km plus round trip altogether. The driving was really fun and quite a different experience.

We went to the Kota Tinggi waterfall and it was simply beautiful. The water was super cold which was great compared to the blazing sun, but I was quite a pathetic weakling and felt really cold after a while and ended up sitting on the stones, which were by the way extremely slippery. We were also visited by some monkeys which were attracted to Simon’s snacks.

The drive to the waterfall itself was really fun with curves and winding roads with added challenge of avoiding potholes and puddles.

Getting ‘fined’ by Polis on the way to Kulai was not. But good thing there’s 4 people with which to split the cost.

Certain stretches of the highway around Yong Peng have beautiful scenery and we’re high up amongst the mountains snaking and bending through thick slopes of forests as far as the eye can see.

KL itself is a super-complicated place with lots of different areas and expressways. Needless to say by the time we reached Subang Jaya it was already nightfall and in order to avoid needless disaster we decided to look for a hotel near the Sunway Lagoon.

Later at night Emilie, Esther’s good friend came to drive us to Cheras which has something like a huge night market similar to Petaling Jaya’s Chinatown.

It was super-long and there are lots of snacks to eat, things to buy and so on. Got really tired walking it.

Next day we went to the CBD itself and the KLCC but there was no way to tour the towers or the skybridge because there were no more ushered-tour tickets. The Convention Centre is 1 huge shopping centre full of luxury goods. We spent almost an hour outside taking photos of the Petronas twin towers and the Menara telecommunications tower

The drive back began with a 1-hour jam out of KL due to some accident but the actual drive was actually about 2 ½ hours till we left the expressway and headed in circles for Taman Sentosa to find the seafood place.

As for my car, I’m terribly pleased as there isn’t anymore steering vibration at really high speeds. Don’t know if it’s the suspension work, the wheel alignment, or the faulty nut that was replaced, but it’s great! Cornering is also much more improved with the firmer suspension and the car feels much more planted to the ground.

Can’t wait for the next trip!

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