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sleepless in eunos

Haven’t updated for quite a while, so here goes.

My bro just treated me n my mom to starbucks & I had tiramisu and some coffee… we actually chatted like 2 hours altogether with seafood and drinks… haha.

Encouraged my brother of how he should aim for his professor ambitions. And how I wanted to be a car journalist. Haha. He said he’d make me his driver when he’s reached professor level. Yay I’m gonna have a job! We were also relating our working experiences. Small firm, big firm, government department. Similar and different in many ways.

Oh yes, I like my new job! Although I’m still terrible at small talk. I don’t even know when people are making small talk and I just unknowingly cut them off. So lame man… Have this other temp from NTU also who’s simply obsessed about doing OT… sometimes. And its not as brain-dead as I thought just keying in stuff you gotta do quite a bit of detective work when you see the invoices too.. yeah and as it goes things are still quite messy now. I don’t know how but I became the filing person too so my table has lots of space taken up by files… top and bottom… and there’s this huge conference room filled with boxes of files that we have to enter once in a while to dig out files… incredible.

There are also 3 NTU Business school interns… Biz Finance majors… 1 of them is trying to enter SMU, the other never turns up for lessons but still gets As and the last one… don’t know much about him.

Took a walk to the Esplanade today during lunch. The weather was surprisingly clear and windy, and I had a great time staring into the sea (well, its not really the sea, just the bay, but you get the idea.)

But being a corporate rat is quite something. Thousands of people rushing in and out of the MRT. All walking rapidly. And during lunchtime the who place is simply crowded, which is why I tend to go for the 1pm lunch instead. YS msged me suddenly so I msged back and it seems she’s working at some tour agency in Chinatown…

Also met BT for dinner last week at this ramen place… not bad… and they didn’t yell ‘maseh maseh’ when we entered.

Madagascar was a disappointment. That’s 1 great example of what I’d call a technically flawless but empty movie. Ok I know its just a cartoon but the story is like, ultra weak, the selection of songs was in terrible taste and jokes were absolutely lame. The dancing furry things with that king were like, urgh. The only thing I found cool were the penguins. And so what’s the whole story about? Lions can eat sushi? I love New York? who knows? Let’s have world peace and love, even the lions don’t have to kill anymore! Yay!

Oh yeah, btw, iTunes sucks but iPod Shuffle is great. No battery issues although it’s having problems with my buggy USB hub. But I really detest having to use iTunes. What a pain. But the Shuffle is REALLY portable and convenient so you won’t regret it.

There’s really so much to be thankful for, though the struggle continues. Who knows what tomorrow may bring? But live and walk in the Spirit, for though we may fall, He will never leave us nor forsake us.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. – Hebrews 11:1

May the Lord be with you always. Amen.

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