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Dad visiting

Took a break from tuitions today. Sometimes I just feel so lazy. Had breakfast with mom. Going down to the airport to pick my dad up later.

Washed my car. Haven’t done so for almost 3 months I think. One of those things that you keep procrastinating. You think “wah the pails of water are so heavy” or “it’s going to rain anyway” – but it has been raining quite a lot recently, to justify my laziness a little.

There are SO many dings dangs and knocks and paint scrapes on my car its starting to look pimpled, if you stare up close, that is.

Hai… tell my brother not to eat so much cause we’re having lunch in 1 1/2 hours time and then he runs to the room sulking wif teary eyes without saying a thing… I really don’t know what to do… generation gap or something… or he’s just like that… clam up and sulk and cry when he doesn’t get his way… hai… really leave him in God’s hands

At least after sulking he’s packing his table now… to make way for another computer he intends to salvage from my mom’s office. So many computers in the home network… wow… should I get a wireless LAN card or wireless USB adapter? Would USB have that irritating bottleneck or high CPU utilization? I doubt the office PC is USB 2.0 anyway…

Its interesting to know that the NTU PC loan repayment is 200/month after graduation interest free. And CPF payment for tuition fee has 1 yr grace period after graduation before start paying back. But this one charges interest right from the moment you draw it. Study loan leh… its considered a personal finance loan from DBS bank…

looks I won’t be backpacking anytime soon after graduation. But nevertheless, be thankful for all that we have.


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  1. 31 May at 12:41 am

    You should get the USB dongle, at least you get to use it on other computers and laptop. And you might want to speak to lionel on how you feel. It may help. Tata~

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