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hi my blog-surfing pals, how are things? It’s going to be a week since I started work now, and time sure flies when you’re doing a full-time job.

How do I like my job? Well, its okay…its simple enough although having to deal with human beings means you can expect weird and unreasonable people sometimes, although its when you encounter such people that you appreciate the people who are nice to you. My co-workers are well… generally nice people and my supervisor is great too.

I just found out that the NTU PC loan is a really great thing. After you graduate you can repay the whole thing in monthly $200 installments interest-free!

However, recently I’ve been feeling really discouraged with my tuition kids, both at the Care Centre and my private ones. It seems so really hard to teach things like English, oh how is an idealist to work in such circumstances where people have to see results? But nevermind, I’ll just see how it goes. It does secure at least some money.

to TEH: Well done on the Civic bro. You won’t regret it, at least compared to those dumb MPVs. Enjoy your car’s fuel economy and power and excellent suspension. The ones on my car feel like they’re floating all the time now. Corner like a pro and show them.

Just finished watching this ‘documentary’ on arts central about the Da Vinci code. To be fair the programme does mark out what are historical facts and locations versus events which are pure fiction. Also note how based on legend it is on. It is the suggested fictions based on either legends or alternative theories that feed the conspiracy theory that the Church altered or suppressed truth. The Gnostics were already crushed by the early church fathers during the 1st and 2nd century before the Roman Empire was Christianized, so in reality all the Church plots are just nice scandal stories. Just because a text is ancient doesn’t mean its the Word of God. The Gnostics clearly stated they didn’t like some parts of the Bible and had a lot of philosophy written in their gospels which means they are the word and ideas of men, not on equal footing with scripture that claims to be the Word of God.

Enjoy your holidays guys, and may the Lord be with you.

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