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Irritating Brother version 9.21 BETA 7

reach home. Find computer left on. “What’s the computer doing on while you’re inside the room? Are you downloading something?”

Brother gets out from room with irritated face.

“I’m going to.”

“If you’re not using the computer can you please switch if off. Don’t just switch it on and go somewhere else.”

(Stands behind to watch him “continue” to ‘use the computer’)

(He fumbles around thinking what to do, opens some game, and then decides instead to start a new music download and search. And then sets it and leaves it there.)

– Why can’t he just admit that he had left it on by accident again and switch the thing off? Instead, he has to conjure up some stupid rubbish as though he was really using the computer and did not leave it on by accident.

Irritating brother rule: Never admit you’re wrong even if its blatantly obvious and you must instead stick it up and look correct although you look incredibly stupid in the process.

And I can’t be bothered to say anything. It’s okay, just leave my computer on all the time for nothing. After all, electricity bill you won’t get blamed. Harddisk one day decides to fail (remember my MAXTOR DRIVE FAILURE IMMINENT thing) not your problem also. The most just use my laptop.

I am a spoilt brat I am a spoilt brat… I am stubborn… I am always right I am always right… I must never lose face ever ever ever…

………… oh well…….. maybe just like my mom says…. he’ll ‘outgrow’ it…. just like his obese status (no lah jerry I’m not over-feeding him he’ll outgrow it) (I’m not spoiling him and making him lazy he’ll outgrow it)

These are the “I-told-you-so”s that I hope I’ll never be able to say… for his sake.

But who knows. “outgrow” doesn’t have a timeframe. Who’s to define by what age anyway? He could be still “outgrowing” for the next 6, 7 years.

There he goes leaving his books and magazines and his bag on my bed again… yes… not only is my table, now even my bed is a common dumping area…

And no, don’t bother about me, I’m the evil tyrant brother who complains about you all day… yes that’s me, all nasty and stuff… only good for fetching you to school and to poke fun at and ridicule

zzZZzzzzz *whine*

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