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saw ms congeniality 2 wif ol’ Vanz. Took off my critic cap and had a reasonably good 2 hours laugh. But its a super shallow and clique thing altogether. Ok that’s what I was expecting anyway.

Interview with a vampire. Super lousy show man, no wonder they needed the 3 musketeers. You know, Banderas, Pitt and Cruise. Okay, initially I thought the struggle of him coming to terms with the decision he made to become one of them was quite a good characterization. But after that it seems utterly ridiculous. The little girl vampire too… The message that the whole show seems to have is… vampires are human too aren’t they? But some interesting thoughts of the ‘vampires’ themselves of why God ‘created’ them. Maybe since they lost their soul they’d became heartless killers like animals. Perhaps. But all that’s just a moot point. Vampires don’t even exist.

But it seems there’s something disturbingly erotic about how they suck blood and how its always full of sexual settings. Reminds me of my JC literature texts, especially The Bloody Chamber. Actually, practically all of them had some form of blurring of lines between sex and death, but in some cases it was much more stronger than others. Okay, terribly disturbing things I shall dwell on no more.

Tried teaching a little bit of Julius Caesar during tuition yesterday. Very enjoyable. 1 student responded really well. The other, not so. But it was quite a challenge considering the sec 3 kids didn’t know who Romans even were and I had to give a brief introduction. But really nice. She understood the point of arguments that Antony made and saw the patterns and structures of discouse which I explained that made Antony so persuasive. Perhaps watching a video of the play would be in order.

Maybe next time I’d just answer questions on how to write essays.

Last week of school. Lots of stuff to rush, but alright.


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