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i watched the flowers fall

I was standing outside the SCI building just now. It was dusk and the sky was getting dark. Did you know that some of the trees in NTU have recently been in bloom? Its so beautiful, just like the cherry blossoms, but even nicer because the leaves are still there. The flowers come in primarily white, and pink.

The whole tree is like entirely engulfed in flowers, and it looks as the though the tree itself is like, alight. The contrast effect with the white flowers is especially powerful. And I stood there, watching. Isn’t it a beautiful miracle, that God created all the earth, and everything in it? And not only that, but that He gave it to us to subdue and look after on His behalf! Just looking at the blossoms reminds me of this. I stood and marvelled. And time, that terrible construct that all fallen beings live by, stood still.

Life is indeed the Will of God. For all science is it has never been able to create life. Manipulated it it has, but not created it. Animated robots we have, and no matter how similar or intelligent they may ever seem to be, it is a philosophical imperative that they could never become alive the way humans and plants and animals are alive.

Life is God’s gift, and its here all for us to see! Why must people still cling on to that 1 in a thousand billionth possibility of an accidental chemical reaction that happened out of sheer coincidence? You’d rather believe in that ridiculously tiny possibility that it was all just a matter of chance, than face the truth that is presented before you.

I leave you to your thoughts.

I watched as some of the flowers continued to fall intermittently, and the grass below the trees were littered with the beautiful flowers, like a carpet of white.

Surely, a glimpse of the paradise that is promised to us the undeserving.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.

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  1. 22 March at 1:46 am

    because the concept of God doesnt make sense in the first place?~valren

  2. 22 March at 8:36 am

    Yo valren! Let’s analyse that statement. First of all, what is your concept of God?As in, according to your ideals what should God be or how should He behave?For example, is He supposed to be like, preventing ‘bad things’ or injustice from happening?

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