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yes jan, I enjoy procrastinating, though I think you should listen to what really happened. I just sat there being utterly confused at what topic I ought to focus my paper on. Its the problem with freedom don’t you think? There are so many areas that I’d like to focus on. It seems weird to just isolate one portion of it and talk about it…

Maybe its not procrastination but just lack of focus? Or writer’s block? Maybe so. Maybe not.

But one thing that I admit I ought to stop is that 1-track flow of work management. I just sat there stumped on 211 when I ought to be doing the rest of the subjects. So far, I’ve finished the highly enjoyable 202 essay but haven’t started on the 211 readings still. Probably when I’m in the mood (ha! terrible work ethic)

I did notice something that is the most surest sign of being old, the ultimate one – not just innocent little children calling you uncle.

Age gap – sign of aging

My smallest brother doesn’t tell me all his stuff and daily happenings anymore. At least not automatically, as in he’d rather tell my middle brother instead. And at first I was rather sad and thought it rude, but perhaps, its just a manifestation of age gap? Before I realised that age gap was a real possibility I thought he was just being an ingrate who only talks to me when he needs a last minute lift to school or food or help with the computer.

But I know its not… sigh…… these things just happen… have to try… to be… understanding… I believe its a misunderstanding on my part, and trust in the eventual outcome. It is true that we don’t choose our family and in fact, every single person who is part of our life, they’re all there to teach the heart something and edify the soul. It is our own tendencies that we need to recognize, admit and restrain.

Christ gave us freedom, our only restraint being our love for Him.

But take heed lest by any means this liberty of yours become a stumblingblock to them that are weak. – 1 Cor 8:9

Sermon review

Take note – this is not a license to sin. (antinomianism) – I just finished listening to Rev. Long Hee’s sermon kindly provided by yijing… I would say that most of it is consistent but the arguments against it, the use of logic, and application of civil law and real-life examples are… arbitary. An example would be his argument using the state law as a reference point for why we should follow certain portions of God’s Law. I agree that we are to follow the law Christ wrote in our hearts. But know you not that civil law is a mere codification of conduct that ought to be the ideal perfect behaviour, of which our example is Christ?

A better exposition would be John Darby’s Sypnosis on which the concept of charity he builds seems to be closer and less dogmatic.

I felt a few Biblical cross references were not so appropriate and out of context. Will talk more about it again.


There are more things in life than work. More things in life than world peace. More things in life than family. More things than just life on earth… And thanks be to the mercies of God, that we can look forward to the eternity at the end of all this.

Meanwhile, live each day for Christ, for there is no other reason. Continue the struggle, against the world, against your old self, for you who believe in Christ are the elect, and to struggle in His name is your reason here.


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