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spent much of the week running around doing BAV… sighz! Jeremy’s a really sporting guy… despite being the actor he’s so helpful and full of ideas too… I’ve got a great team, sigh, despite some matters but all is well in the end and its good to be thankful for… nowfor paperwork and post-production…

Watched “It’s a steal” the Hall 1 production… erhm… my $14 was sure a steal… for them. Been updating Jonathan on my critic comments… I guess its a good effort for the amount of time they had and that it was a hall production… maybe they could have cut it shorter and used a smaller cast that way it’ll be much more focused and dedicated… the length seemed overambitious and the overall message rather vague. Characterization was problematic and out of balance for some of them. You know there’s a problem when during the supposed dramatic emotional high – a crucial point of revelation in the story, people are laughing at the cutesy grandma who acts like liang popo

Some uncommon stage directions like split screen but attention focus was a little confused. Overuse of cliques and stereotypes and slapstick. Certain parts dragged a little too long and were repetitive.

And did I tell you it was a musical? Yes it was… there were original songs… but dz commented it was like Singapore Idol.

But overall comprehendable. And a good effort considering that these are students who rehearse after school hours and school projects… some of the talents were really dramatic… and certain parts were very witty…

Havent done last week’s 211 readings. Haven’t done 211 essay (still doing the history of Chinese immigration into Thailand now). Or 202 essay. Excellent.

Sometimes I feel that I get unhappy at people easily. I don’t know if its justified or not. Sort of like patience wearing thin / tiredness / some combination of that. Forgiveness never comes automatically. I have to want to forgive. It doesn’t make logical sense to forgive certain things. But then, remembering in our hearts that Christ forgave us and loved us while we were undeserving, we ought to do the same.


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