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On relationship.

Thankful and greatful I am.

Had a long day but yipee!

Spent the weekend out with my mom and aunts. The usual blahblah shopping etcetc.

Went running this morning its been like 2 weeks. Feels very xiong. WF when’s your next round I need some encouragment!

216 is so cool we see so many videos and they’re actually meaningful, be it communists in USSR, or South-East Asian nationalism. Sometimes I just get this strange feeling during Dr Kluver’s tutorial though. It’s like, so dense, by which I mean his framework of thought.

Already I hear some of the classic V-day blues coming from some people. Haha. Being attached is a blessing and most certainly a state I won’t mind being in, but not that it’s something I’d go about fighting and seeking anxiously for. In the sense not that I won’t feel like a ‘complete’ person if I don’t ever get attached, but rather that if it were fated so by circumstances, situations (being in the right place, right time right situation etcetc) then two people would meet and get attached.

You know how couples like to get together and talk about how impossible it seemed that they would meet, but they do! So many factors are involved, I’m pretty sure God has His hand in all this!

Now I seem like someone resigned to fate, or like those who just sit there and wait for things to happen. Well, my belief is that for things like your significant other with whom you will be one in the flesh with and can never part except in death, there’s no forcing things.

Now, picking and choosing your life partner is a curious thing too. Most of the time by which we base our criteria on are still subjective elements (all the more so in a world through rose-tinted glasses) and emotional feelings and highs might cloud us.

I’m not saying that these elements don’t matter. They sure do! It’s just that we can’t go about like this in a very conscious manner thinking of the criteria and so on. Don’t forget a person’s qualities doesn’t stay the same always! It’s especially problematic when you’re under peer pressure to get attached.

But then, when things happen they will just happen. Enjoy the emotional rush. But for Christians, remember to keep clear in both your consciences the meaning of being of 1 body and ’till death do us part’ and know that the other person understands it as the same.

A relationship built on shaky ground cannot be fulfilling or lived out to what it was meant to be.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Nothing in this world is certain. But its great to have another mortal being while on this earth to be one with you through everthing, both souls trusting in the Lord, till such time we be called back home.

So great a blessing a relationship avowed before God is!

For those who have found their other half may you folks stay together in body and spirit always

For those who remain unattached – be merry but at the same time without putting down those who are (I really dislike pros & cons discussions on these things – so super subjective)

of course, some people just suppress themselves all the times and in all areas by drowning themselves in other pursuits – work, studies, CCAs, whatever, all those politically correct things to be overdoing.

Ring a bell?

God keep us always.

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