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crash boom bang

hmm. Saw funny things at the carpark today.

Was filming at the carpark outside hall 7’s front porch and witness really hilarious incidents.

Seems like theres a particular parking space that’s extremely popular because it has some shade thanks to a tree directly above it. But the thing is, its next to the curb.

So within a span of 1 hour I see 2 cars that parked there and drove off mounting and getting stuck over the curb.

Theres this cool looking new Subaru Legacy plain vanilla version. Guy wearing sunglasses. Cool looking. When he parks into the lot he positions himself like, super close to the curb already. Nevermind. Then when he gets excited and leaves its like he turns left even before leaving the space, and mounts and climbs halfway over the curb on the grass patch with this squeaky sound that disrupts our filming. We all keep staring at him in amusement. Its like his poor car is half immobilzed and impaled across the curb and hanging there.

“Darn. Should have bought the all-wheel-drive version. Then I could pretend I did it on purpose.”

After he painfully backs up his car with more heart-wrenching sounds he drives off past us, still looking quite cool in his sunglasses till I want to burst out laughing.

Then within half an hour another guy, this time an old man, parks there too in his Ford Laser. He spies his tennis buddy coming out from the building and gets excited and mounts the curb as well. His is much worse he kind of half climbs totally such that his car looks like its travelling sideways along the slope. More painful crunching sounds. Amusing.

Well it does take a lot of accelerator stomping to mount a curb. (That’s why you fail when you do it while on test – you’re too heavy footed for your own good)

For the record I struck the curb during my test – wanted to go really really deep into the parking space.

And yes I have hit the curb before but typically at low speed. Its just not right to drive fast in parking lots.

I once almost got ploughed down by this Lexus that was speeding down a straight in Suntec underground carpark. And he stared at me with a ‘get out of my way’ look and proceeded to drive round and round furiously with tyres screeching looking for a parking space. By the time I found mine he was still going round and round…

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