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And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.

Oh no. I am being a liability when I drive without the aircon. What’s been going on these few days? Has it been hotter than usual? Lack of sleep? Too much sleep? Or what? How to maintain a level of zen on the roads?

Maybe I should just stay off the fast lane. 110kph n ppl still tailgate you. There’s just too many ppl in a hurry. Singapore is too crowded and in too much of a hurry.

Keep a following distance of 3 car lengths at 110kph and ppl cut u from behind just to squeeze into that gap and then they have to start braking because they got too close to the next car in front, setting off a chain reaction of braking.

Maybe their logic is to intimidate ppl into going faster so if one person doesn’t tailgate and intimidate the car in front to go faster then everyone would slow down and waste their time.

And we all know that tailgating ppl up a slope on the expressway is a sure way of causing cascade braking which finally ends at a 0kph stop situation at the bottom of the slope, don’t we?

This morning the journey to school was so much better. Sunshine. Aircon on. And at several sections of the highway there were actually leaves rustling and blowing across, as if to blanket me and my car. How beautiful. Or maybe it was because traffic wasn’t heavy.

The more ppl the uglier it gets. 1 person is a little dumb. Put 1 whole bunch in a confined space and all goes mad. And yes that goes for me too.

I think I’d better revert to my old criteria for typical daytime driving needing aircon. Aircon is really different from say like, windows down. Although the wind is blowing its still dry, hot and irritating somehow. Like standing next to an aircon compressor. Oh but when the aircon is on… wah its really powerful and cooling. What a blessing.

Okay, aircon for daylight times except early dawn. Interior probably developing a thick layer of dust by now anyway. Being a biker must be really really tough…

Dad flew off today. Saw him off at the airport. Feels strange.

School was extremely eye opening today. The new world economy of individualism and consumerism for 211.

216 was fantastic. Indonesian and Vietnamese nationalism. But still produced pretty much from a Western perspective. What a challenge it must have been, to live in those times past. In our modern time, the enemy that we deal with is unseen. It is that delusive pride in mankind.

Dr. Benjamin suggested a hypothesis that marriage is a form of patriarchy that is designed to keep men relevant. Well, it seems logical if you compare humans with animals like elephants and so on. But why do we always have to start with animals as a basis of comparison? With that all would be permissable so why would we need to have any values? Hmm… not that ppl bother so much about it anymore anyway.

Granted, people have always behaved like scum throughout history. That is this world. But at least in the past it was with this overriding guilt that we knew how we should have behaved. That ideal was at least there. Well, now ppl just find the ideals irrelevant altogether. Being led and driven by what they want, what they feel, wanting to see results quickly.

Why are we put on earth to go through such futility? So that we’ll appreciate heaven, of course.

God keep us.

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