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Thought I’d have a free day tomorrow, but then I forgot all about the division selection talk… all the way to school for half an hour… but nevermind, this week is special, had free petrol from my dad. So allow me the luxury of driving to school for the entire week too (heehee).

Woke up at about 4am. Had too much at dinner last night at chomp chomp with all the 5 of us family members plus Aunt Janet. Felt bloated and couldn’t sleep but did in the end. Now I’ve just woken up. Yay!

I was happy to see my dad reconciled with his dad last night. Well it did sound really awkward they haven’t seen each other for years and they definately did sound like it was really difficult to talk each other.

In spite of whatever may have happened in the past my granddad is an old man after all, so why should we continue to avoid contact in petty unhappiness?

As usual my dad was talking big the entire evening and my mom was making noise at him and countering him and all that. I was glad to be just driving.

I’m very thankful indeed. After all, my dad is an old man too (relative to me) and I know that eventually all things will come to pass for the eventual good.

By the way, the car was less than gently reminding me last night of how prone it is to overload. With 5 people the braking distanced increased by so much and acceleration suffered terribly. And on the journey back with 6 ppl it got even worse (but by the time it was 6 ppl the acceleration was so lousy braking wasn’t an issue – we couldn’t even attain enough speed to pose a risk)

Well the car engine is small (1.5) and the suspension is very old (broken). But in such situations you have to be thankful it wasn’t a Nissan March.

Thank God and the love of Christ, I’m no longer wondering about in the woods, though this world does tempt me all the time, and at many times I befuddle myself. Light versus darkness. The struggle goes on. But surely, as God hath said, stand back and watch the salvation of the Lord! And may it come to pass that on every moment will we rest and trust on that.

Praise the Lord!

here’s food for thought on how the world could have been created in 6 days. A day simply could mean (and there’s strong biblical support) the presence of light all the way till the absence of light, NOT 24 hours as we understand it. Hence the millions of years of fossil records are millions of years in 24 hour days, but as far as the bible is concerned, it was only 6 days of periods of continuous light in between darkness. After all, sun was created on the fourth day remember?


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