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Woke up on wrong side of bed?

Hmm… lesson learnt. Sleeping beyond a certain number of hours for me could make my day worse.

Woke up and tossed about on bed. Felt tired, lethargic and lazy all day.

But hey! 229 was quite cool… learnt about the MD recorder and used it, and then the DVcam for 202! smashing!

Wasn’t a good road user today though. Got angry at ppl. Feel bad about letting my anger get the better of me.

Maybe I should have just switched on the aircon.

Mom’s back from hongkong. As usual complaining about my dad, about the rude ppl, cheating salesmen and so-on. But she got a 3120 for my brother. Do you know they are still selling 8210s! Neat!

Long day ahead tomorrow. Still haven’t started on the business ethics reading too.

God keep us all.

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