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I experienced someone behave in a Christ-like manner. And I certainly did not behave as such, instead, still having a defensive, argumentative attitude.

Argh! But nevermind, I trust God will keep and guide me, though realising what a horrible person I am is a true reality check which is hard, but by God’s grace I pray I will endure.

This nice soul acceded to a rather unnecessary request of mine which I didn’t realise was actually quite a real trouble, but it was done with absolutely no complaints or disdain, but really, “in good cheer”. I didn’t know why I made such a silly request in the first place myself.

Ah, charity that forms out of love for Christ.

Yes, and strangely enough, after that, I relented to accompanying Jan for lunch although I had eaten less than 4 hours before. I ended up eating too. I should be more accomodating to a brother. Yes, every one of them. Especially when you know it is needed.

Help me do this with great cheer too Lord. For Christ’s sake. Such a simple sacrifice but I am so reluctant.

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