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response to xiax blog entries on christianity

(note: I didn’t put the abovementioned blog in full because I don’t want to attract unnecessary search-engine matches)

It is sad that such things surface as so, but then, it is bound to happen with the ease of publishing. As for why so many people like to read her blog? Well… for most I suspect it’s simply because of the level of sensationalism on it.

Tis said that we are not here to judge, especially people who are not of the faith. More than enough references in the Bible to that.

Lets look at what the Christians did –

Her previous encounter with her friend, Shufen. Shufen is from City Harvest. (Lets leave that fact alone for this post). It would seem SF put lots of pressure on XX. I know we are doing this on second-hand evidence (note:I’m not defending SF, or XX) but granted anything, the ‘overzealous’ behaviour by SF clearly pissed her off.

In fact, if SF did say those things as XX alleged, then I think SF left out 1 teaching, that it is by God’s grace anyone comes to light, not by our own effort. It’s not that we don’t feel sad when it doesn’t happen, we do, but wisdom (knowing when to do the right thing) steps in when we know its time to stop and perhaps wait for another opportunity next time.

Its this fine line when we go on pushing and pressuring people I feel that such evangelising becomes self-pride, and certainly does not bode well for Christ. Bible also says it is not by argument or vain intellect remember?

and that goes for the Christians who commented on her blog, scolding and cursing and so on.

I don’t say we shouldn’t defend, but then, do it in manner that is respectable, and remember that in the end when it degenerates to argument for its own sake, stop upon realisation of this wisdom.

I remember many times when I just went on for argument’s sake. And it became combative, and that was not Christ-like.

Yes I know I raised more questions rather than answers here, but I do hope you can see what I’m getting at.

God keep us.

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